About Me

Hi, my name is Mario Fink 👋🏻
I live in the beautiful Rhön (a rural area in the midst of Germany) together with my wife and my two sons. Currently I work as a web developer for Goodyear in Fulda.

Work Experience

Since 2019 I have been leading the frontend development team working on Goodyear’s B2C shop. For that I am driving the clientside architecture as well as advising and reviewing external developers. The tech-stack includes Adobe Experience Manager, ReactJS, Redux, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS and Web Components.

Since 2003 I have been working in a 10-person team as lead frontend developer and UX designer – creating a B2B shop that is used throughout Europe, Middle East and South Africa (EMEA). My main responsibilities are the design and the implementation of the user interface. While doing that I am communicating with the business stakeholders as well as near and off-shore development partners.


I finished my technical diploma in Economics & Management in 1999. After spending a year in community service (aka. Zivildienst) I started an apprenticeship as IT specialist at Goodyear that I finished successfully in 2003. Thereafter I accepted a job offering at the same company to work on its B2B shop as a web developer.